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PART IV   [25]
Results on a least squares fit of wrist girth to forearm girth of 252 male subjects appear below:
(A) "Typical" residual size as reported is _________ cm.
(B) For only one individual is the wrist about as thick as the forearm. Mark this point on the graph.
(C) The residual for the point just marked is about how many centimeters?
(To the nearest integer)
_________ cm.
(D) A (95%) confidence interval of the slope of the line is (Arithmetic needn't be completed.)

(E) The dotted curves bound a confidence region for.

The regression equation is
 WRIST = 10.5 + 0.271 FOREARM

 Predictor    Coef     Std Dev
 Constant   10.4748     0.6806
 FOREARM     0.27055    0.02369

 s = 0.7583   R-sq = 34.3%   R-sq(adj) = 34.0% 
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