Welcome to UNB HyperSpace!

Welcome to the HyperSpace service at UNB, a set of hypertext based services for general relativity research developed at the University of British Columbia by Steve Braham. Steve is now at Simon Fraser University.

We have the following:

  The UNB Relativity group

Here you can find out who we are, and a little bit about what we're doing:


Twelfth Canadian GR Conference

Address searches

Here we provide files where you can search various lists of e-mail and snail mail addresses important to the GR community. The actual site is the original Hyperspace page at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). There is also a list of temporary addresses for people on the move.

GRNews: The General Relativity News Archives

Lots of GR news is sent out from QMUL via Malcolm MacCallum's mailing list (see earlier for more information on the list). There is an archive of these items. You can access the following categories of items:

Other Relativity Web Sites

The number of GR sites on the web is growing rapidly. This is a short list of the most important ones. However, QMUL now maintains a central list of all GR sites.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Preprints

These are at the preprint database at LANL.

IOP e-Print

Address problems to: Bob McKellar.