Barry Monson 

(A very misleading picture from several years ago.

Note the  surprisingly dense foliage on the scalp)

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Office: Tilley-412
Office Phone: 506-453 4768
Research Interests: regular and abstract polytopes, hyperbolic geometry, group theory---Coxeter groups, presentations, classical groups, linear groups

Odds and ends to be found herein:

* I retired from teaching January 1, 2016.

* Joe Malkevich writes a column for the AMS. Here he discusses careers in mathematics:

Why Support Research in Mathematics?
                by Ken Davidson, U. Waterloo (extracted with permission from the Fields Institute Newsletter, September, 2003) 

* Mathematics Problems Group (for 2017)   here                  

* Things for Summer Researchers 2015

My notes  Geometry in a Nutshell

* Past special events:

(1) The First Summer School on Symmetries of Combinatorial Structures (Cuernavaca, 2012)
                             My stuff on reflection and rotation groups in ordinary space

(2) The Fields Graduate Mini-Course  on Polytopes, Maps and their Symmetries
         (by P. McMullen, M. Conder and me) ran Oct. 3 to Nov. 10, 2011. Here is my part:
  Construction of Regular Polytopes