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    Theory Canada 5 is the fifth of a series of annual conferences organized by the Division of Theoretical Physics of the Canadian Association of Physicists. The conferences are planned to be held annually immediately preceding the CAP Congress, and will be held at the regional institute or center for theoretical physics that is appropriate. The host institute for this year's conference is University of New Brunswick.

    The motivation for such a conference is to enable researchers to get together and interact with their colleagues from across Canada as well as from across the spectrum of theoretical physics. Geographic separation and sheer distance are formidable barriers to collaborative research and to a fruitful exchange of ideas. Theory Canada will bring together a large cross section of Canadian theoretical physicists who can report on their activities annually. We hope furthermore that the conference will provide a useful forum for discussion of the state of and the future of Canadian theoretical physics.

    The proposed scientific themes for the conference are:

  • Relativity/Cosmology
    • Session organizer: Sanjeev Seahra, University of New Brunswick. Topics to be discussed: Recent topics in Gravitation, such as spacetime topologies, black holes and information, modified gravity as an alternative to dark matter and energy; developments in cosmology due to recent and future observations (LIGO, Planck, etc)
  • Strings/Quantum Gravity
    • Session organizer: Jack Gegenberg, University of New Brunswick. Topics to be discussed: Developments in the attempt to understand gravity at the fundamental, quantum theoretic level, including string theory, loop quantum gravity and causal sets.
  • Quantum Information
    • Session organizer: David Poulin, Universite de Sherbrooke. Topics to be discussed: Recent developments in quantum information; connections between quantum information, Condensed Matter Physics and fundamental concepts; physical implementations of quantum computer; quantum algorithms.
  • Condensed Matter Physics
    • Session organizer: Mona Berciu, UBC. Topics to be discussed: Recent developments in condensed matter physics such as: Bose-Einstein condensates, superconductivity, mesoscopic physics, quantum Hall effect.
  • Fields and Particles
    • Session organizer: Rainer Dick, University of Saskatchewan. Topics to be discussed: Applications of field theory in particle physics; phenomenology.
  • Nuclear Theory
    • Session organizer: Sangyong Jeon, McGill University. Topics to be discussed: low-energy QCD, heavy ion physics, matter in extreme conditions