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The AARMS Collaborative Research Group

Statistical Modelling of Complexly Correlated Data with Applications

There have been rapid developments of statistical methods for analyses of data of complex correlation structures in recent years. On the other hand, novel statistical methods for complexly correlated data are in great demand. The creation of this collaborative research group is i) to address emerging statistical problems and challenges in the analysis of data of complex correlation structures; ii) to facilitate interactions between methodological researchers and applied statisticians or subject-area researchers; iii) to bring together researchers in the areas to exchange ideas and problems, and to collaborate; iv) to discuss directions of future research in this areas and software developments; v) to encourage graduate students and new researchers to work in this exciting area; vi) to facilitate joint supervision of undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; viii) to facilitate student exchanges and training.

There are many challenging issues that can be better addressed by us as a team. In addition, this team work also allows us to pool the resources together for the better training of students and postdoctoral fellows since our graduate programs in Atlantic region are generally smaller than elsewhere in Canada. This collaborative research group will provide a mechanism for methodological researchers to collaborate crossing their traditional boundaries between time series, longitudinal and spatial analysis, allowing them to `borrow' ideas from different specialties. Since a substantial part of our collaboration on methodological development is to address issues raised by Atlantic colleagues in the applied areas, our methodological research in statistics will have direct applications to and important influence on analyses of complex data in their areas.

Renjun Ma
On behalf of the CRG group